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SBIHC «City Hospital №15»

Major overhaul of the hospital bulding letter B. for placement of the outpatient and consultive department.

“StroiReanimatsiya” corporate group acted as the general contractor for the design and construction of a new outpatient and consulting department on the basis of City Hospital №15.

The outpatient and consultative department is a specialized medical and consultative institution that provides medical medical thersprutic and diagnostic assistance in outpatient consultation to the adult population, and is also designed to implement a set of preventive measures aimed at preventing diseases.

Within the project was made a complete overhaul of the 2-storey hospital building, including repair of the roof, major repairs of the facades with the installation of new insulation, replacement of window blocks, restoration of all communication systems.

Also was made redevelopment of rooms, including disassembly of building structures, installation of partitions and door blocks.

Was carried out the complex work of basement deeping by 1 m. with a complete waterproofing restoration.

Were completely reconstructed the following engineering communications: individual heat point, main switchboard, water-meter unit, was laid a new cable line up to transformer substation. The building is equipped with a combined extract and input ventilation system with air-conditioning. (chiller).

The department is provided with the oxygen supply from the oxygen ramp, installed directly at the department's building, in compliance with all regulatory requirements for operational safety and fire protection measures. Also were mounted internal networks of medical gas supply.

For patients with limited mobility organized the availability of specialized transportation by means of ramps and elevators.

On the first floor and partially on the second floor of the building, organized the premises of the medical-consultative block: the offices of doctors-specialists (ENT with manipulation room, ophthalmologic, gynecologic with examination room, urological, dental for two working places).

On the second floor organized a high-tech diagnostic unit: ultrasound, 3D tomograph and visiograph, room of functional diagnostic. Appropriate measures have been taken to provide X-ray protection in the rooms of the diagnostic unit.

Organized the outpatient surgery unit for minimally invasive surgical procedures. All the premises are aseptic, including a small operating room, preoperative room, patient gateway and dressing room.

As a result of the contract execution, were made general finishing and construction works in the premises with tolal area of about 1600 sq. m.

Городская больница №15
Городская больница №15
Городская больница №15
Городская больница №15
Городская больница №15
Городская больница №15


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