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“StroiReanimatsiya” corporate group is a stable and reliable medical-industrial, design-construction corporate group, which combines a number of research and production trading companies in St. Petersburg. 

The main activity field of corporate group is a full creation cycle of health facilities turnkey projects from design and construction to the equipping with medical equipment in compliance with all technical, sanitary and hygienic requirements. 

As a part of holding company "StroiReanimatsiya" provides the design, reconstruction, and major overhaul of healthcare facilities of I and II levels of responsibility, the supply of medical and technological equipment, performs the design and installation of clean rooms, as well as centralized medical gas supply systems. 

Research and production enterprises in the group of companies develop and manufacture modern medical equipment and expendable materials: 

  • More than 20 years CJSC "Alternative science" works in the market of medical manufacturing of the Russian Federation. The company develops, manufactures and provides a wide range of equipment for medical gas supply and equipment to improve the comfort level of healthcare facility wards.
  • LLC "Medsilikon" is a manufacturer of medical products from the catalyst platinum silicone rubber: expendable materials for anesthesia and respiratory equipment (reusable breathing circuits), surgery, anesthesiology and intensive therapy (surgical drains sets). 

As a part of holding, trading companies carry out foreign trade activity and work on equipping medical institutions by request of JSC Gazprom: 

  • The company "Science-Service-Medicine" performs the foreign trade activity and provides the complex equipping of hospitals with any necessary equipment from leading manufacturers, and provides warranty and post-warranty service of all supplied products.
  • The company "NS-Medicine" provides the hospitals with the equipment by request of JSC Gazprom. 

In total, "StroiReanimatsiya" corporate group and its dealers have reconstructed and equipped with medical equipment more than two thousand clinics and hospitals. 

Seventeen years on the Russian and CIS market gave to all enterprises of group of companies the invaluable experience in local hospitals. The company bases its activities on an individual approach to each client from large medical centers to small regional hospitals.


Phone: 8(812) 449-97-17

Equipment Sales Department: 8(800) 700-53-19

Address: St. Petersburg, Shpalernaya str. 40A


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