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SBIHC SPb «Elizavetinskaya Hospital»

Major overhaul of premises for the placement of angiographic installation.

Was completed major overhaul of the angiographic operating room located on the 3rd floor of the operating unit, as the part of the following premises:

  • Angiographic X-ray surgery
  • Control room (remote control)
  • Preoperative room
  • Room (gateway)
  • Technical buildings
  • Corridor of the operational block

Within the project were completely replaced engineering networks and the interior decoration works. In the preoperative and operating rooms was performed the installation of medical air-conditioning modules of “clean rooms”, as well as was installed a new ventilation system with 3-stage filtration and laying of all communications is hidden behind the enclosing structutures.

Since the angiographic operation room is the source of ionizing radiation, in the operating room all the measures to ensure stationary X-ray protection are carried out. Metal surfaces of engineering communications are schielded, all the holes in the supporting constructions, overlaps and partitions are framed with lead sheets. Also was made the installation of doors in X-ray protective design, and X-ray protective curtains were installed on the windows.

A special feature of the project is the sucessful integration of complex technical and engineering systems into the existing operation room, constrained by the architectural features of the building – low ceilings and a small capping space. Into the ceiling structures was performed a technically complicated rails mounting for angiographic installation, as well as were assembled electric lighting devices , air distribution units and fire alarm elements.

Елизаветинская больница
Елизаветинская больница
Елизаветинская больница
Елизаветинская больница
Елизаветинская больница
Елизаветинская больница


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