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Medical clean rooms turnkey projects

- We build the present. We design the future. -

Design and construction of “clean rooms“ systems is a fundamental question of modern medicine. High demands on the quality and purity of the air environment and the sterility of medical institutions are a major factor in providing the effective work of healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical and high-precision production.

The difference between the "clean room" from the ordinary is a high purity grade, which is provided by creating of a system to maintain a predetermined quantity of microparticles of external environment in the air (dust, microorganisms, aerosol particles, etc.), as well as a number of measures in order to minimize their flow, formation and indoors accumulation.

During installation of “clean rooms” systems, each case includes its own control system of such parameters as temperature, humidity, pressure, speed and direction of airflow.

Achievement of the required quality parameters of "clean room" that meet the relevant standards, requirements, and scientific trends, is impossible without a complex approach.

Organization of “clean rooms” system is a complex of multilevel work, including the related design and construction stages. It is a whole range of interconnected procedures, purposes and ways of their fulfillment.

модули и комплексы чистых помещений
проектирование, строительство и монтаж чистых помещений

The main aspects of the successful organization of “clean room” systems are:

  • Preparation of competent technical specifications, with careful pre-selection of equipment.
  • Execution and protection of project documentation, including a detailed design of systems and walling units, purge ventilation of clean rooms with air conditioning subsystems and rough air purification, finishing cleaning system with a device of low turbulent and laminar air flows, electrical and gas networks systems, instrumentations, automation, scheduling, in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.
  • The organization and implementation of the construction process of turnkey project and commissioning.
  • Selection and supply of equipment and materials in coordination with the customer and financial limits.

Implementation of a complex multi-level set of work involves the selection of a reliable and experienced company, representing the ability to cover the whole range of activities in a common space.

For 10 years the specialists of "StroiReanimatsiya” have accumulated extensive experience in the design, construction and equipping of systems. We provide a full cycle of works: clean room modules are created in accordance with the object characteristics, customer requirements, as well as normative and regulatory documentation.

"StroiReanimatsiya" corporate group realizes a flexible approach in the selection of equipment and materials, and offers its customers 3 possible solutions and high quality equipment and “clean rooms” systems organization in accordance with financial limits of the customer:

  1. Package “ Basic”
  2. Package “Optimum”
  3. Package “Premium”

Each of the solutions includes a full set of design works and proposals for equipment in accordance with the wishes and possibilities of the customer. Proposal-package made with a possibility of equipment replacement from one manufacturer to another, also provided the choice of finishing materials, etc. All solutions and offered equipment options (regardless of cost) meet the requirements of fire and sanitary-epidemiological safety. 

Within the program of import substitution of medical products the company "StroiReanimatsiya" is able to offer design and installation solutions using accessories, finishing materials, engineering equipment of domestic production and medical clean rooms turnkey projects.

вентиляция чистых помещений
чистые медицинские помещения под ключ


  • Pre-project preparation and engineering research (inspection of existing facilities, analysis of requirements for the new room and equipment, collection of the necessary initial data on the basis of measurements and consultations with working staff).
  • Development of technological and engineering parts of project according to their profile and purpose, which meet the requirements of normative documentation.
  • Execution and coordination of design and estimate documentation package with a customer.
  • Drawing up the volume and the number definition of equipment specifications and suppliers, on the bases of the working stage of the project, purchase, and manufacturing of the necessary equipment and system elements.
  • Installation of clean rooms.
  • Commissioning works.
  • Certification and testing for compliance of clean rooms complex with the normative documents.
  • Personnel training.
  • Maintenance service of completed project and the further modernization. 

“Clean rooms” design  (sections)

The company "StroiReanimatsiya" develops integrated design solutions of “clean rooms” of any size, complexity and purpose:

  • Architecture and engineering section (zoning facilities according to cleanliness classes, detailed elaboration of systems and walling units, determining the volume of materials, assembly works, etc.).
  • Technological section ("clean room" planning, equipment layout plan with summing up of utilities).
  • Wiring diagrams (mapping the future location of the system elements: panels, profiles and their total number).
  • Engineering networks (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning with definition of parameters of air environment of designed facilities and requirements to them, projecting of ventilation systems with air conditioning subsystems and rough air purification, finishing cleaning systems with a device of low turbulent and laminar air flows, electrical systems, instrumentations, automation, water supply and sewerage systems; medical gas supply; power supply; low current networks).
  • Estimate documentation.

“Clean rooms” building (stages) 

  1. General construction preparation stage (completion of all dirty processes prior to the clean rooms production works, specifically surfaces leveling, floors filling, room preparation for final finishing and installation of engineering networks, completion of welding works, installation of all the necessary communications into the room, with the device of all necessary maintenance openings and etc.).
  2. Installation works (engineering networks, installation of assembling constructions, building of enclosing and isolating constructions, walls and ceiling furnishing with panels, antistatic flooring, installation of observation windows and doors, engineering systems installation, etc.).
  3. Hermetic sealing of enclosing constructions, their joints and connections, completion of all communications.
  4. Commissioning works (installation and commissioning of the equipment, system operation testing).

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