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  • In FSBI "SPb Phtysiopulmanology Research Institute" after major overhaul opened clinical diagnostic laboratory.

In FSBI "SPb Phtysiopulmanology Research Institute" after major overhaul opened clinical diagnostic laboratory.

On December 18, after a major overhaul, FSBI "St. Petersburg Phthisiopulmonology Research Institute" celebrated the grand opening of the clinical diagnostic laboratory at Polytechnicheskaya, 32. The opening ceremony was held by the Director of FSBI "SPb Phtysiopulmanology Research Institute", Doctor of Medical Science, Professor Petr Kazimirovich Yablonsky with the participation of all healthcare personnel. 

Clinical diagnostic laboratory in the Research Institute is one of the most important divisions of the Institute, powerful diagnostic complex, equipped with modern equipment, that performs a wide range of laboratory tests. 

In the framework of the project was carried out a complex major overhaul of laboratory rooms with a redevelopment and complete replacement of engineering networks. Was mounted modern ventilation system with a proper organization of air exchange and air filtration system, taking into account the technological features of the rooms.

The maintenance of specified microclimate conditions is a necessary requirement for the smooth functioning of high-tech equipment, on which perform a wide range of laboratory studies. 

In laboratory rooms was also made the installation of medical clean rooms modules that meets all modern sanitary requirements. 

According to the results of new architectural and technology solutions, in the reconstructed laboratory there are all conditions for the usage of modern high-tech laboratory equipment and mostt comfortable and safe work of medical personnel. New working conditions and modern laboratory equipment allow significantly reduce the terms of scientific and medical diagnostic tests and improve their quality, which will provide the good treatment results and maximum patient safety. 

Financing of major overhaul for diagnostic laboratiory was carried out at the expense of federal budget. 

"StroiReanimatsiya" corporate group acted as a general contractor for construction and installation works.

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