Over 15 years group of companies "StroiReanimatsiya" has been providing a full creation cycle of turnkey projects of medical facilities from design and construction to the equipping with medical equipment in accordance with all technical, sanitary and hygienic requirements.

The main activities of "StroiReanimatsiya" group of companies are:

  • Design, construction, reconstruction and major overhaul of healthcare facilities
  • Complex equipping of medical facilities
  • Design and installations of medical-technological complexes "clean rooms"
  • Design and installation of centralized medical gas supply
  • Development and manufacturing of equipment for medical gas supply


  • many years of experience in design and construction of healthcare facilities
  • highly qualified personell: designers, engineers and medical technologists
  • our own production base
  • distribution contracts with world leading manufacturers of medical and technological equipment
  • all necessary SRO licenses and permissions, including general contractor
  • the company is certified according to ISO 9001
  • help and consultancy at any stage of cooperation, maintenance and modernization of installed equipment

The accumulated experience and resources allow us to realize projects of different complexity levels from major overhaul of departments to the general contractor for the construction and equipping of large high-tech centers.

The development of national healthcare, the development of production and scientific-technical base of health service is a priority for our entire team.

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The new center of children’s outpatient traumatology in SPb CBHCI "Children's City Hospital №2 of St. Mary Magdalene”.

02.02.2016 in Children's city hospital of St. Mary Magdalene after major overhaul opened the first outpatient traumatology center for children in St. Petersburg. The new center provides day and night specialized primary care for children on the profile "Traumatology and Orthopedics" as well as "Pediatric Surgery", and in the future also rehabilitation services for young patients. The center is designed for 200 visits per shift.


In FSBI "SPb Phtysiopulmanology Research Institute" after major overhaul opened clinical diagnostic laboratory.

On December 18, after a major overhaul, FSBI "St. Petersburg Phthisiopulmonology Research Institute" celebrated the grand opening of the clinical diagnostic laboratory at Polytechnicheskaya, 32. The opening ceremony was held by the Director of FSBI "SPb Phtysiopulmanology Research Institute", Doctor of Medical Science, Professor Petr Kazimirovich Yablonsky and with the participation of all healthcare personnel. 

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